Vibadou is your global platform for groups, because the best moments happen in a group.

Follow or start groups with interesting topics and experience a true social interaction


This is how Vibadou works

Owned & Operated Content - start your own public group (for free!) and create interesting content with multiple characters, from multiple viewpoints.

Leagues & teams

Showcase your team/league as one unit. The interactions and personalities make the content special.



Create together. Comment actively on the things your groups does. Get exposure to the followers of other group members and start a joint creative effort.



Start your influencer marketing 2.0 and bring influencers to your platform that is owned and operated by you. This way your brand stays in control.



Position your group of colleagues/ friends as the premier source of opinions and insights into your preferred topic. Be the first to engage and discuss up to date developments.


Creating content together made easy


Vibadou is supposed to be fun. And what could be more fun than telling stories together?


We believe, that it is the interaction that takes a moment and turns it into a memory. That is what Vibadou is intended to do – make social media social again.


Follow and start groups with interesting topics. For the first time you get to experience an interaction of different people within a group.

As a group

With Vibadou you do not just follow one player of your favorite team but the entire team, in one channel, together.

What makes Vibadou different?

Our partners and testimonials

who is already with us

Konstantin Krüger


“With Vibadou we are able to showcase the players and clubs of the entire league for the first time. The interactive content amongst the players gives incredible new insights into the players connections – It’s fun”

Lukas Horn


„Interactive and together – our players are able to present themselves as a unit for the first time. Because the players generate the content, we as a club are able to give our fans a brand-new way of connecting with their players through social media.

Patrick Köppchen

Former Ice Hockey PLAYER FOR GER

“Because of Vibadou I feel connected to the other players around the league, being able to also show the fans out there what we talk about, how we engage and getting to know the others better is an added benefit. It’s like our Whatsapp Group, with Instagram stories – live for the Fans”

App functions

The way that you use Vibadou is completely up to you: do you want to see what others are up to? Than pick the most interesting groups and follow them – or participate and be part of a group yourself. If you want to start your own group, then invite your friends, teammates, family or colleagues and just get going. Picking your favorite topic usually helps you be successful.

Vibadou is all about: from me to we

Public group

Start your own public group and begin entertaining or informing the other users of Vibadou.


Create together. Interactive content that tells multiple versions or opinions of one story make for strong, authentic content. Showcase your story.

Private group

You can also use Vibadou as your private chat app. Communicate through video and send your friends or family your next message via video. This is also a great way to create content together and share it to your other platforms.

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